Metaverse Affiliate Marketing: The Definitive Guide

This new guide will show you everything you need to know about metaverse affiliate marketing.

First, I’ll show you why now is the best time ever to get into the metaverse.

Then, I’ll help you tap into the best opportunities to start making money on the metaverse.

Sounds good? Let’s dive right in

What Is The Metaverse

The CEO and founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, talks about the metaverse as the future of the web.

Some people think that it’s just a computer game…

Discussing what the metaverse is is like having a conversation about “what is the web” during the 1970s. No one could know what the reality would look like.

The metaverse, envisioned by its pioneers, is “an expansive network of persistent, real-time rendered 3D worlds and simulations.”

This is like a version of the internet that supports online 3-D virtual environments.

You imagine video games when you think about it, and you’re right.


This is done through virtual reality headsets and augmented reality headsets.

The metaverse is a digital world where you can take your physical being and recreate a version of it in virtual reality.

But why is the metaverse such a big affiliate marketing opportunity?

It’s a brand new trend, and there’s a crazy number of people trying to get into it.

For affiliate marketers, this means there’s a huge opportunity.

Let’s go through some of the major affiliate marketing opportunities that you can tap into right now.

Metaverse Affiliate Marketing Opportunities

If you are more interested in making money on the metaverse with affiliate marketing, this is for you.

So people will go after big profits with NFT’s, Crypto, and digital real estate.

This is a massive opportunity for you as a marketer to take advantage of the trend.

Many companies offer great products that are directly related to the metaverse.

I’m talking about equipment, software, crypto exchange, and much more…

Let me show you the biggest opportunities to make money on the metaverse with affiliate marketing.

Metaverse Equipment

To get into the metaverse you need virtual reality. This means that you need VR equipment.

As an affiliate marketer, you can sell VR headsets for example, but there are other kinds of equipment.

For example, Oculus is one of the biggest VR headset brands.

You can find their products on Amazon and promote them through the Amazon Associates Program, or you can apply directly to their affiliate program.

VR Cover is another company that sells VR headsets and other equipment. They also have an affiliate program.


There are more companies that sell equipment related to the metaverse.

Research and see if they offer an affiliate program (type the company plus “affiliate program” on Google).

Computer Parts

People will need the best graphics and computer components to have a full experience in the metaverse.

Just like video games need dedicated pc parts to improve performance, the metaverse is the same.

Users will look for the best setups and components to enjoy a smooth experience.

This brings another opportunity for affiliate marketers.

Companies like Nvidia or Logitech, for example, offer great products for the most exigent users.


They have affiliate programs that you can apply to, or you can also promote them through the Amazon Affiliate Program.

If you are a gamer or a techy, you can use your knowledge to educate people on hardware.

AR And VR Development

Besides physical equipment, there are also software platforms that allow you to create apps, games, and all kinds of experiences for both 2D and 3D.

The world’s most popular platform right now is Unity.


With Unity, anyone can have a stand-alone game development engine with easy installation.

There are a lot of enthusiasts out there and people who want to learn and get into it because of the metaverse trend.

Guess what? Unity has an affiliate program.


You can promote Unity subscriptions and all kinds of products that they sell.

Unity is very popular and has a great affiliate program that you can take advantage of.

Fiverr Gigs

Another way of making money on the metaverse with affiliate marketing is through Fiverr.

You’ve probably heard of Fiverr, it’s a place where you can hire people to do all kinds of jobs.

People need all kinds of resources in the metaverse, and you will find that most of them are available on Fiverr.

No matter what you’re interested in, Fiverr has a freelancer that can do just that for you.


Developing NFTs, custom 3d stuff, characters, architecture, everything…

As you may have guessed, Fiverr has an affiliate program.

All you have to do is promote Fiverr sellers and gigs.

Create content around things that people need on the metaverse and then promote Fiverr sellers that do just that and earn a commission in return.

You have to be the connector.

Connect the people who need the services with the people who can do them.

There are thousands of gigs related to the metaverse, so you have plenty to choose from.

You can create a blog post or a video on “how to create a metaverse character” and then link that content to a seller on Fiverr who creates metaverse characters.

Crypto Platforms

People need crypto to buy and sell things on the metaverse.

Virtual money in a virtual world makes total sense.

You can teach people how to buy, sell, and trade things on the metaverse using crypto.

People may want to buy real estate or virtual assets on platforms like Decentraland, for example.

For that, they need a crypto exchange platform to change their $$$ for crypto.

Exchange platforms like Binance or Coinbase are some of the most popular right now.

They allow you to convert your currency into cryptocurrency.

Most of these platforms have affiliate programs.


Again, all you have to do is connect people who need to buy crypto and recommend one of these exchange platforms.

Crypto Wallets

People who own crypto want to keep their assets safe. For that, they need wallets.

You’ve probably heard stories of people who lost their codes and lost millions of dollars online because of that.

For these reasons and many others, some people want to store their CryptoCurrency in physical wallets because they are more secure than digital wallets.

This is another opportunity for affiliate marketers.

There are companies like Ledger, which sell physical crypto wallets.

Ledger has an affiliate program.


You can promote their physical wallets to people who need to store their crypto in a safe place.

They look like pen drives and are very attractive products for crypto enthusiasts.

Course platforms

There are course platforms out there, like Coursera or Udemy that offer courses on many subjects.

Metaverse, VR, and crypto are things that people want to learn.


Sending people to learning platforms is a great way of making money as an affiliate.

Udemy, for example, has an affiliate program that allows you to promote their course.

You just have to find people who want to learn and recommend the best courses out there.

VPN Services

Security is probably the biggest concern among people who want to get into the virtual world.

People hear about scams every day on the news, and they are scared.

Lots of people are trying to steal your identity and other kinds of shenanigans.

One of the best ways to prevent this kind of fraud is to have a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

VPNs add another layer of security that most people want to have.

Most VPN services, like Express VPN, have affiliate programs and offer good commissions.


Hosting Companies

Websites regarding metaverse and tech, in general, will be in great demand.

This is an opportunity for you to educate people on how to create websites.

Creating websites gives you the opportunity to promote hosting companies like Bluehost, Siteground, or Dreamhost.

Hosting companies are among the best affiliate opportunities out there.

This is obviously a super competitive niche, but if you niche down to metaverse websites/blogs you’ll find a blue ocean.


Final Thoughts on Metaverse Affiliate Marketing

There are plenty of opportunities out there with metaverse affiliate marketing.

You just have to be creative in your approach.

You’ve probably got some ideas from this guide that you can implement.

The best approach in my opinion, is to create a website where you create content about some of the products we’ve mentioned.

Create an education center where you educate people.

You can also create a YouTube Channel and use a strategy called content syndication to also take advantage of many social media platforms.

As this is a new topic and trend, content creation is not saturated already.

If you jump on it right now, soon you’ll be collecting the fruits.

And the best part? You can profit with the metaverse without having to deal with all the risks associated with speculation and security.

Start today, and don’t waste this huge opportunity.

If you wait too long, you’ll lose the train.

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