10 Best OptinMonster Alternatives

Find the best OptinMonster alternatives with our top 10 recommended alternatives to OptinMonster and discover today the perfect solution for your needs.

If OptinMonster is not the right choice for you and you are looking for the perfect OptinMonster alternative, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best alternatives to OptinMonster to help you find the right alternative that fits your needs.


Sumo is a great alternative to OptinMonster and offers features such as list building and lead generation, popup and scroll boxes, social sharing buttons, heat maps and analytics, e-commerce integrations.

Some of the advantages of choosing Sumo include: Suite of website conversion optimization tools, email capture forms and pop-ups, social sharing and analytics, A/B testing and heatmaps, integrates with popular website platforms.

On the other hand, the downsides of using Sumo are: Free plan has limited features and branding, some users may find the interface overwhelming or complex, certain features are more focused on lead generation and email capture.

Hello Bar

Hello Bar is also a good alternative to OptinMonster and provides many useful features such as lead capture forms, email opt-ins, announcement bars, popups and modals, a/b testing.

The biggest advantages of choosing Hello Bar include: Customizable lead capture forms and bars, A/B testing capabilities, targeting and segmentation options, integration with email marketing tools.

The cons of using Hello Bar are: Limited design customization options, some users have reported occasional glitches and slow loading times, advanced features available only in higher-tier plans.

Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads makes a good alternative to OptinMonster because it offers similar features, such as lead generation and opt-in forms, a/b testing, conversion-focused design, smart exit intent, analytics and reporting.

The positives we found about it include: WordPress lead generation plugin, offers various opt-in form types, A/B testing, targeting and trigger options, conversion-focused designs, reporting and analytics, integration with popular email marketing platforms.

The worst part of using this software are: Interface may feel slightly outdated, some users may find the learning curve steep for setting up advanced lead generation forms, limited integration options compared to more comprehensive marketing automation platforms.


OptinMonster and Leadpages are two different solutions on the market, but they share some features and functionalities.

Leadpages offers features such as landing page builder, lead generation tools, a/b testing, pop-up forms and alerts, analytics and reporting.

Some of the things where Leadpages excels are: Landing page builder, easy customization, A/B testing, integration with email marketing platforms, lead generation and conversion optimization.

On the other side, some of the cons include: Limited customization options compared to building custom landing pages, higher pricing plans for advanced features.

Convert Pro

The target audience for OptinMonster and Convert Pro are quite different, but their features overlap so it could make a good alternative.

The main key features of Convert Pro are: wordpress lead generation plugin, pop-up forms and exit-intent triggers, a/b testing, advanced targeting and segmentation, analytics and reporting.

Some of the reasons why you should consider Convert Pro are: WordPress lead generation plugin, customizable opt-in forms, A/B testing, targeting and triggering options.

Unfortunately, some of the problems you may find could be: Requires WordPress platform, limited support for non-WordPress websites, some users may find the interface less intuitive.

Ninja Popups

Ninja Popups can be a good alternative to OptinMonster, but there are some differences that you need to be aware of.

Ninja Popups has an extensive feature suit that makes it a good option. Some of the main features are: wordpress popup plugin, opt-in forms and lead generation, exit-intent triggers, a/b testing, analytics and reporting.

Ninja Popups shines when it comes to WordPress popup plugin, customizable popup designs, integration with email marketing services.

The downside of using Ninja Popups is: Limited customization options compared to more advanced popup plugins, occasional compatibility issues with certain WordPress themes and plugins.


Both OptinMonster and Bloom offer great and similar features. The top features of Bloom are: email opt-in plugin for wordpress, opt-in forms and popups, a/b testing, analytics and reporting, design customization.

Some of the reasons that might make you choose Bloom are: Email opt-in and lead generation plugin for WordPress, customizable opt-in forms, A/B testing.

The reasons that might make you avoid Bloom are: Limited integration options compared to some competitors, occasional glitches and errors, may not be suitable for non-WordPress websites.


In terms of features, there’s not too much to complain about Icegram as an alternative to OptinMonster.

It offers many useful features, such as: wordpress popup plugin, opt-in forms and popups, call-to-action buttons, notification bars, a/b testing.

The dealbreaker could be things like: Limited customization options, occasional glitches and errors.

On the other hand, Icegram trumps when it comes to WordPress plugin for popups, notification bars, and opt-in forms, customization options, A/B testing.


Features such as lead capture and popup builder, exit-intent popups, email capture forms, a/b testing, reporting and analytics make Poptin an attractive alternative to OptinMonster.

Some of the things we love about Poptin include: Lead generation and popup builder tool, customizable templates, targeting options.

Limited customization options, occasional glitches and errors are some of the things we didn’t like much about Poptin.

If we outline the main features of Popup Maker, we end up with features like: popup and opt-in form builder, exit-intent popups, form triggers and display rules, a/b testing, analytics and reporting. This makes it a valid alternative to OptinMonster.

What we loved about Popup Maker were things such as: Pop-up and opt-in form builder, customizable templates, targeting options.

Our main criticism of Popup Maker is some limitations like: Limited customization options, occasional glitches and errors.

Conclusion: The Best OptinMonster Alternative For You

OptinMonster is a good platform that can help you in many ways. However, if you need an alternative, you have plenty of amazing tools you can pick from our list.

Our main recommendations as OptinMonster alternatives are Sumo, Hello Bar, and Thrive Leads, but remember that not all software was created equal, so you need to prioritize your specific needs and choose accordingly.

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