10 Best Streamyard Alternatives

Find the best Streamyard alternatives with our top 10 recommended alternatives to Streamyard and discover today the perfect solution for your needs.

If Streamyard is not the right choice for you and you are looking for the perfect Streamyard alternative, then you are in the right place. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best alternatives to Streamyard to help you find the right alternative that fits your needs.


Restream is a great alternative to Streamyard and offers features such as multistreaming platform, allows simultaneous live streaming to multiple platforms, restream chat for unified chat management.

Some of the advantages of choosing Restream include: multistreaming platform, allows simultaneous live streaming to multiple platforms, restream chat for unified chat management.

On the other hand, the downsides of using Restream are: restreaming may cause minor delay in live stream, higher-tier plans can be expensive for casual streamers.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is also a good alternative to Streamyard and provides many useful features such as open-source live streaming and recording software, supports various streaming platforms and sources.

The biggest advantages of choosing OBS Studio include: free and feature-rich live streaming software, supports multiple sources and scenes, customizable with plugins.

The cons of using OBS Studio are: learning curve for beginners, may require sufficient resources for high-quality streaming.


BeLive makes a good alternative to Streamyard because it offers similar features, such as live streaming platform for social media, allows broadcasting and engaging with viewers.

The positives we found about it include: user-friendly interface for live streaming, supports interactive features and engagement tools, suitable for content creators.

The worst part of using this software is: pricing can be expensive for advanced features and integrations, may have occasional technical issues.


Streamyard and VMix are two different solutions on the market, but they share some features and functionalities.

VMix offers features such as live streaming and video production software.

Some of the things where VMix excels are: comprehensive video production tools, supports live streaming to multiple platforms, user-friendly interface.

On the other side, some of the cons include: may require high-performance hardware for optimal performance, may not support all video formats and codecs.


The target audience for Streamyard and XSplit are quite different, but their features overlap so it could make a good alternative.

The main key features of XSplit are: live streaming and recording software for content creators.

Some of the reasons why you should consider XSplit are: supports real-time video streaming, customizable overlays and scenes, user-friendly interface.

Unfortunately, some of the problems you may find could be: some features may require premium subscription, may have limitations on certain streaming platforms.


Wirecast can be a good alternative to Streamyard, but there are some differences that you need to be aware of.

Wirecast has an extensive feature suit that makes it a good option. Some of the main features are: live streaming platform for content creators.

Wirecast shines when it comes to enables live video broadcasting and interaction with viewers, supports multi-platform streaming.

The downside of using Wirecast is: may have limitations on streaming quality and require stable internet connectivity.


Both Streamyard and Lightstream offer great and similar features. The top features of Lightstream are: cloud-based live streaming software.

Some of the reasons that might make you choose Lightstream are: supports multi-platform live streaming, provides real-time overlays and graphics.

The reasons that might make you avoid Lightstream are: may have limitations on certain streaming platforms and require stable internet connectivity for live streaming.

Streamlabs OBS

In terms of features, there’s not too much to complain about Streamlabs OBS as an alternative to Streamyard.

It offers many useful features, such as: streaming and content creation software.

The dealbreaker could be things like: may have limitations on certain video editing features and require stable internet connectivity for real-time collaboration.

On the other hand, Streamlabs OBS trumps when it comes to supports live streaming to various platforms, provides real-time overlays and alerts.


Features such as cloud-based video editing and collaboration platform make StageTen an attractive alternative to Streamyard.

Some of the things we love about StageTen include: supports real-time video editing and collaboration, provides media storage and sharing tools.

What we didn’t like much about StageTen is: may have limitations on certain video editing features and require stable internet connectivity for real-time collaboration.


If we outline the main features of MelonApp, we end up with features like: employee onboarding and HR platform. This makes it a valid alternative to Streamyard.

What we loved about MelonApp were things such as: offers various HR and onboarding tools, provides employee engagement features.

Our main criticism of MelonApp is some limitations like: may have limitations on certain HR features and require additional modules for advanced features.

Conclusion: The Best Streamyard Alternative For You

Streamyard is a good platform that can help you in many ways. However, if you need an alternative, you have plenty of amazing tools you can pick from our list.

Our main recommendations as Streamyard alternatives are Restream, OBS Studio, and BeLive, but remember that not all software was created equal, so you need to prioritize your specific needs and choose accordingly.


Please note that software offerings may change over time, so always verify the alternatives and their capabilities before making any decisions.

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